Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meryl's Truths and Mine



Well said.

I might add:

I have no time for those who cannot extend grace to others; who judge without true insight. I value truth, honesty, and kindness above all in my relationships. Generosity of spirit, as well as resources.

I refuse to pretend that the wrong words and hurtful actions of others have no lasting impact on my spirit. I seek to do no harm, by God's grace and with his guidance, and to endeavor to live in this truth and grace. When I fall short, I will confess and mend my ways; seeking his forgiveness and yours.

Those who make no attempt to humbly right their wrongs and to accept imperfection in themselves and others exhaust me. Gossip and slander are devastating. Pretending otherwise is ingenuous and intolerable. We can be forgiven our trespasses, but still are expected to acknowledge our own as well as to forgive those who trespass against us.