Saturday, October 31, 2009


We always dressed up. Usually as a bum or beatnik (I was going to say "hippy" but remembered they came later), or sometimes in a borrowed costume. Like for most of our growing up years, we depended on our own creativity and organizational skills. It was almost more than our parents could accomplish to have treats available for the neighborhood kids. I can remember many times when Dad would say, "Just give them apples." because in the Fall we always had a bushel of apples from an orchard.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

DYING... But, not soon

Sometimes when we touch the honesty's too much...

NC--my older sister by 13 months--already has her funeral planned. Morbid? I thought so, too, until our recent trip to Kaua'i when I was overcome with the knowledge that I know how I want my demise handled.

I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered on Polihale Beach in Kaua'i. If CA survives me, he can save a bit of ash to have buried in Eureka, IL with his decaying carcass. He is adamant that he will NOT be burned... And, so far I want Jack Johnson's music and Marc Cohen's music played at my funeral. Also, Dan Hill's Sometimes When We Touch--if CA survives me. That's not really a love song--if you listen closely to the words--but it is all about love and has been my favorite for decades.

That's all for now. Morbid? Sure, but reflective of my wishes.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

RUMINATING... The Good Kind

I can do real damage to myself with pointless rumination. We all can, if we're so inclined. Lately I've been doing the good kind of ruminating... The kind where I overflow with happiness and praise for God's grace, love, and gifts.

I decided to actually retire full-time instead of part-time, and it's SO freeing. I love it. Life was a little too slow this summer as I sought purpose to go along with my freedom. That part is going to take some time, but for the present and the next four months my little ones are here from Europe and each day is full to overflowing. We'll have Thanksgiving together--all of us, including 4-3/4 little ones: LG, JA, KF, LE, and a yet-to-be named baby girl.