Thursday, October 29, 2009

DYING... But, not soon

Sometimes when we touch the honesty's too much...

NC--my older sister by 13 months--already has her funeral planned. Morbid? I thought so, too, until our recent trip to Kaua'i when I was overcome with the knowledge that I know how I want my demise handled.

I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered on Polihale Beach in Kaua'i. If CA survives me, he can save a bit of ash to have buried in Eureka, IL with his decaying carcass. He is adamant that he will NOT be burned... And, so far I want Jack Johnson's music and Marc Cohen's music played at my funeral. Also, Dan Hill's Sometimes When We Touch--if CA survives me. That's not really a love song--if you listen closely to the words--but it is all about love and has been my favorite for decades.

That's all for now. Morbid? Sure, but reflective of my wishes.

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