Thursday, October 8, 2015

We Lie about Food



From the current Vanity Fair magazine Proust Questionnaire with George Takei (Star Trek alumnus):

VF: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

GT: I don't know about perfect, but a creamy scoop of green-tea ice cream comes close.


Really? What about Häagen Dazs Peanubutter Chocolate. Rocky Road. Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.


Give me a break. green-tea anything tastes like pee. Even with tons of sweetner.


And, kale is fantastic! Really? Kale is barely digestible. Even shredded into teensy bits. Why don't we just refuse to drink anything green and puréed.


Wake up your taste buds! Buy beautiful produce; farm fresh, if possible. Make your own fresh soup, salads out of real ingredients in their original fresh condition. A salad should not come out of a bag. Fruit is not best pre-sliced.


We are such Lemmings. Chose to prepare and eat beautiful food. Eat only in restaurants that use fresh ingredients, prepared in-house.