Thursday, October 2, 2008


The most outstanding outcome from my counseling sessions was the determination that I would finish a bachelor's degree at North Central College. It slipped out one day... "I can write. I'm a good writer." I re-enrolled. This time in the Organizational Communication program--something my company would pay for that gave me opportunity to improve my writing skills.

I was cautious at first. Took Introduction to Anthropology without telling anyone but my immediate family that I had returned to college. I loved it! Wrote my final ethnography on the culture of line dancing which was the rage at the time. I got an "A." In 3-1/2 years I completed two-thirds of the requirement for the degree and graduated in June of 1998 cum laude!

I loved college. I had life experience that was applicable to our readings and discussions. The required papers stimulated and polished my writing skills. And, I got positive reinforcement. I determined from the first that if I was going to devote time and energy to this endeavor, I was going to do my very best. I did.

I can't say enough about a liberal arts education. You are exposed to so many facets of art, life, and experience. Talk about paradigm shifting! [That was a big catch-phrase during those days.]

Throughout these days, randomly, I remember that I completed my degree. And, I smile.

I planned a graduation party at a tapas restaurant for just those friends and family who encouraged and supported me during my college days. Then, my brother-in-law and mother died just weeks prior to graduation and I wasn't in the mood for a big party.

On graduation day just my husband, in-laws, and daughter accompanied me to Emilio's--my son was in Europe or he would have been there, too. I drank too much sangria! Or, almost enough if I think about it a moment!

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