Sunday, December 28, 2008


Pharmacy near Bratislava

The blogger world has been eerily quiet this week. Everyone is either comatose from too much family and food, or traveling to snowy mountaintops or sun-warmed places. And, I am up way too late because this is the only part of the day not punctuated with 3-year old squeals or 11- month old tears. This is a busy place daytimes, and when the little girls head for bed I turn on the laptop and, "What to my wondering eyes should appear..." No new entries from the bloggers I follow. My latest book is not overly compelling, and Slovak television is not tempting. Well, if there is little new in blog-dom, it must be time for me to send something into the blogosphere.

Because writing is cathartic for me, I can't resist the keyboard. I may go days and in some cases weeks without writing, but then I begin to feel spikey and unsettled. My internal circuitry is signaling that it is time to regurgitate [or girt, as LG would say] some of what I have been processing throughout my days here in central Europe.

This is the 5th week we have been traveling and both CA and I are a bit under the weather. He has a horrid [and very annoying, if I may say so] cough, and I have a mild [so far] sinus infection. DM made a quick trip to the pharmacy today to get his dad some drugs--something like Thera-Flu and a supposedly strong cough medicine. I am chugging hot tea with occasional double doses of ibuprofen and a clever little spraying thing that MK obtained for me from a different pharmacist just before Christmas. It soothes the throat and apparently has some antibiotic qualities to-boot.

Surely staying up until 2:00am is not the best idea, but here I am! I do not have an adolescent body clock, so there will be payback tomorrow. Amazingly, I was able to fall asleep in the midst of family life this afternoon. You never know what will happen when you fall asleep here. You might become part of a tent, or, as in great grandma's case, you might be tied up!

Time to head for my couch. CA has the bedroom tonight. Last night he kindly stayed downstairs to spare me the sound of his body-wracking coughing. Tonight I have couch duty so that he can sleep long and comfortably. It's lights out. Now. Really. Really. Now. That's it. Turn them off!

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