Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This quote has been attributed to Dorothy Parker, and I love it. When I was working on my degree in communication [always singular according to the tradition of the English/Literature/Communication department of my alma mater] I really identified with Ms. Parker's comment.

Obviously, a degree in communication requires a LOT of writing. And, because I was working full time as an executive assistant in a busy corporation, I dedicated weekends to accomplishing the assignments. During that time I was a committed speed walker with a great wetlands walking path just a couple of blocks from my home. On writing Saturdays and Sundays I would head out early for my 3-1/2 miles walk--decompressing from the work week and clearing brain cells for the rigors of the keyboard.

It always worked! No surprises, some of my best ideas came during or just after a brisk walk. As soon as I arrived back at my house, I would head up to the computer--no procrastination, no delays. I was focused. It would sometimes be 3 or 4 hours before I would surface.

No matter what the assignment, by evening I was exhilarated with accomplishment and ready to set aside the project for editing after a refreshing night of sleep. I loved having written.

I also applied Dorothy's words to my commitment to walking or yoga. I didn't always love getting out of bed early to walk or head to the health club for yoga class, but I always LOVED having walked or yogied.

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