Monday, April 27, 2009


Club Mougins

CA and I are planning on going back to the South of France in December. We thought that our October trip to Kaua'i would preclude a European winter, but we think we can swing it. The wonderful arrangements we had at Club Mougins are available again this year, and DM & MK are planning to join us for a week or two. The villa is quite comfortable for 4 adults, and the little girls will be an added delight.

We want to be home until December 10th so that I can shepherd Merci Beaucoup through the first Christmas season--on a small scale. We hope to stay in France for 4 weeks visiting and re-visiting the villages, cities, and markets we experienced last winter. What a great plan!

The villas are a short walk from a playground, so the little girls will have a fine time. We will limit our travels during the time they visit so that we can cater to their whims. I remember the fantastic carousel in Nice... The promenade in both Nice and Cannes. There will be the Christmas markets, and hopefully enough sunshine that we can all enjoy the out-of-doors.

I'm excited...

We can turn in our 2010 Kaua'i timeshare for points and fly free again this time. We may managed another week at the Renaissance in Paris--stay tuned.

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Marielle said...

No trip to France this winter because DM and his family are coming this way for 4 whole months--the new baby will be born here in early January.

Maybe next year...