Monday, December 14, 2009


LG and I did some late-in-the-day shopping yesterday. LE needs a brown long-sleeved onesie and tights or leggings to match, and a little research on the Internet indicated Gymboree was the place to go.

At the Carter's store LG wanted a bright yellow tutu, and when we left without it she bemoaned, "I will never find this store again. For my whole life I have wanted a tutu like that one." At Gymboree she grabbed for a glitter-covered headband, which I agreed to because she truly needs a headband to keep her fine, fly-away hair subdued. We bought a silver one for her and a pink, glitter-covered one for KF.

At TJ Maxx, she needed very many things and bemoaned the fact that it was mostly a mommy store. I reminded her she had just gotten the perfect headband, but still she "wanted." I suggested that some money in her Christmas stocking would allow her to shop and decide to buy what she most "needed." That idea appeased her a bit.

I dreaded Toys R Us, but there were a few things I had to get. She decided she was too tired, so she rode in the cart--pointing and touching and begging most of the time. I talked to her about getting what she wanted, and then wanting more and more and not being satisfied.

Then, this morning as I read a bit in Psalms I was reminded that God has given bountifully to me, and I am always looking at the next thing I want, I need, I demand. He must get as tired of me as I was of LG's increasing and ongoing demands... I am humbled as I reflect on all the good and wonderful ways my life is blessed.

I am determined to be more thankful and less needing.

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