Sunday, April 10, 2011


Most girls growing up in the 50s and 60s learned early to stuff their feelings, hurts, bruises, individuality, curiosity, independence, and energies. Boys were expected to declaim their needs and opinions. They were encouraged to speak and to act freely. After all, "Boys will be boys." Girls were to be quiet, submissive, and to sit with knees together and hands folded in their laps while boys could run wild and free.

Stand tall, throw your arms out wide, and take a flying leap. Those days are over. We've come a long way, baby!

It's okay to be a late bloomer, just bloom! Break out of that pod that's constraining you. BREATHE! Wake up! Smile; giggle; laugh out loud! Who cares who hears? Live your life. You only get one.

Dare to say what you want or need. Venture out of your normal sphere. Visit a strange city all by yourself. Fly to a foreign country and just listen, just listen and closely observe. Do not speak except to say Pardon with a smile. Maybe just learn two phrases, Please and Thank you. If you are very good with language, learn Good day; Good evening; Thank you very much.

Oh, you should also learn that Toilet is not a crude word. It is simply a word that says clearly where you want to go and what you need.

Think about that... How freeing it will be to go somewhere and to confidently, even stridently, exclaim, Toilet! For once in your life you can ask for what you need without subordinating your needs and wants to anyone or anything.


Trust me, there's no place in the world except the USA where anyone thinks that's a crude expression.

When you get what you need, stop and take note... I asked; I received. I got what I needed. Now try it again.

Cafe, Chai! With creme!

Hotel! Penzion!

You're bi-lingual; tri-lingual. You have skills that navigate the world. Bloom freely. Bodaciously!

Then, after you have practiced saying what you want and need, go home. Stand tall; say what you need and want--all the time. Yes, all the time. People who know what they want and need are admired. Remember all those little boys being little boys? No one told them they weren't important; that their needs and wants were not valid or necessary.

Ask and you shall receive. Say what you mean and ask for what you need/want.

Now, that's a big girl.

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