Monday, August 15, 2011


faineance, faineancy, heaviness, idleness, inactivity, inertia, inertness, languidness, languor, laziness, lethargy, shirking, skiving
British slang: slacking, sloth, sluggishness, torpidity, torpor
English Collins Dictionary - English Definition and Thesaurus

Ran into this word in a recent novel and wondered if it captures that certain state of being I fall into when my world is at rest, I am at rest. Maybe. Can't even get my mind around faineance and faineancy--think they refer to a state of being faint...

Some of these synonyms I like; some insult what I consider to be an O.K. state of being for some periods of time...  I like idleness (not as a habit, but sometimes desired), inertness (the body and soul need a good laid-back time every so often), languidness (a high-class or elegant word that captures my take on indolence), languor (who wouldn't enjoy a dreamlike state once in awhile?), and torpidity/torpor (don't I wish these guys were in my vocabulary. Think I'll toss them out a bit in the next few days and see what reaction I get!)

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