Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sometimes I just don't want to be all introspective and reflective... Sometimes living in the present, no matter how mundane, is enough. Reflection is instructive and healing and important, but recently I am choosing to look ahead and not back.

There is so much chaos in our financial/political world right now. I have more time than in the past and am trying to follow current events and be informed. What a time to decide to pay attention! For whatever reason I am particularly fascinated by the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. I think because it is a small enough chunk--cross-section--of the creed and excesses of our times that I feel I can get my mind around it. And, maybe I am interested like I was in the Jeffrey Dahmer devastation of 20 years ago--an unimaginable sideshow of freakish behavior of devastating proportions.

Madoff was able to continue scamming dozens upon dozens of wealthy investors despite SEC informants and on-going questions from informed investors. It was too-good-to-be-true, truly. I don't believe he pulled it off single-handedly. People in his organization had to know--like his sons who eventually turned him in. I don't believe he was managing all those funds, payouts, deposits, and reports on his own. People knew.

I am looking forward to the hearings, and you can bet with all that intimidating wealth and power there will be hearings. And, where are all those billions? If he took in $50 billion why can they identify only about $900 million so far? I love the fact that they are talking about a "claw-back." Taking back millions fraudulently paid out to investors.

This is high drama. Rather than despairing over the economy I choose to focus on the theater of the times.

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