Sunday, May 31, 2009


Our friends have had more than their share of sorrow and loss in the years that we've known them. There have certainly been joys and celebrations amongst the sorrows. But, the extent of their losses and hurts is significant, and in the midst of a time of grief and remembrance another blow fell. God has been gracious and the end results are merciful and good. It's just very hard to understand how He has allowed another huge trauma to fall when they barely have their sea legs from the recent past.

I have been assured--in the Joe Stowell message I listened to on-line this morning--that God never wastes our sorrow. He uses it for his ultimate accomplishments. I pray today that this family will feel his presence and comfort and sufficiency. I pray that the simple joys of family and small children will fill their souls with love and forgiveness and hope; that the small voices and energetic antics of the little ones in their lives will be a reflection of God's love and provision. I pray that they will see a future and a hope and that their hearts will overflow with the love of God and family and friends.

And, for my part, I'm baking cookies for them!

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