Sunday, February 28, 2010


photo via Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is in the final stages of a contest of dog photos, and this shot turned my eyes teary and made me both happy and sad. We had a great dog for 10 years. He LOVED me. He definitely considered us inseparable. Not that he didn't enjoy the rest of the family. He kept JE company through long afternoons in junior and senior high. He accompanied (?!) CA on nightly jaunts around the cul-de-sac and out into the fields surrounding our subdivision.

Scooter Bob McDuff never lost his adventurer, explorer, crime-fighter spirit, but he did approach senility. Too young.

By the time we moved into our current home he had begun to be increasingly unpredictable and worrisome around children and people in general. He could and did snap unpredictably. Then he began to leave little bundles for me to collect after work...

Poignantly, it all came to a head one evening as I peered around the doorway from our bedroom and saw him nose-to-nose with our corner cupboard. Investigating, I realized he was stuck. Lost. Unclear as to how to proceed. As I un-stuck him and hugged him, I knew we were losing him.

Even now, every time I clean the kitchen floor and the surfaces beneath and around that cabinet, I grow misty with remembering.

I loved that dog!

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