Sunday, August 22, 2010


Having an elderly parent in failing health is like entering a whirlpool of over-the-head heated emotions. Will he recover; what's next? Is he receiving good healthcare; when does advocacy become whining? How many siblings should be-need be in attendance on any given day? Why does it fall to the geographically available siblings to vet these issues? How can geographically distant siblings ease the burden without totally uprooting their own lives?

And, who can even identify all of the swirling emotions--issues from childhood ranging from benign neglect to out-right cluelessness to overt rage and rejection...

Add in an upper respiratory illness and possibly you get the drift as to how I'm doing this weekend.

I'm home for now and recovering from my symptoms, continually wondering what the next phase will be. Will he recover enough for the planned skilled care interlude? Will he regain full function or continue to require asst living? When should I hit the road again? What's next?

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