Monday, August 3, 2009

PERSPECTIVE... The Difference Between the Brilliant and the Merely Accomplished

"You know the difference between the brilliant and the merely accomplished?" he asked.

"Net Worth?"

"Perspective/Smart people see too much, know too much. They're too easily distracted by insight and revelation. The thoughts pile up until there's too much to filter. Perceptive people are ultimately crushed under the weight of their own comprehension. They know the merciless realities of life."
from Hard Stop by Chris Knopf

Perception becomes a language... The far greater part of what is supposed to be perception is only the body of ideas which a perception has awakened.
Thomas Wedgwood, Essay on Vision

So, is the language of perception perspective? And, in acquiring this language does one bury oneself under the weight of comprehension? And, in acquiring the language of perspective does one undermine his/her ability to accomplish?

When perceptions or awakened ideas have no outlet or accountability they can turn ugly--becoming ruminations that can embitter and alienate. Like Corinthians "seeing through a glass darkly" it is too easy to believe that a limited insight or view conveys a complete reality. It is easy to mis-perceive and build truths on short-sighted observations.

Still, I understand and have been weighed down by comprehension, wondering why others can't see or choose not to acknowledge or learn from experienced realities. As with perception, self-reflection is both a gift and a blight. Whether one connects the dots in ones behaviors and experiences or within a community of people, it can be a lonely and frustrating road. Observations and insights can inform behaviors or highlight inadequacies... In our no-blame culture no one wants to acknowledge poor performance or management. That's why mistakes are repeated and chaos ensues.

God is the root of all wisdom, and his word enlightens our thoughts and behaviors. For true wisdom, we can immerse in his word and seek quiet and solitude to hear his voice. Yet, many Christian organizations stumble and fail because of unacknowledged errors of perception, judgment, and behaviors. When will we again be open to God's voice and wisdom? He has made us in his own image and longs for us to heed his loving direction.

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