Monday, September 22, 2008


Wrigley Field

My husband loves the Cubs. My son loves the Cubs. My daughter loves the Cubs. They played baseball/softball with gusto every spring and summer. My mother-in-law watches baseball on television all throughout the season. There is a lot of baseball talk in our family.

My only real childhood memory of baseball is getting hit in the head and almost knocked out in a sandlot game. We had neighbors on the corner who let us play in their huge yard. I don't know if I was any good. No one ever said that I was. I was pretty young that day. I don't remember who all was playing, but the Cassidys were, because either Marty or Jim swung the bat back--I was catching--and caught me up-side the head. If I did pass out, no one took me to the emergency room. I remember a powerful headache and missing out on some family event.

Before we had kids I was CA's choice for companion at Cubs games. I am so much fun, because as a fair-complected freak I have to avoid the sun. Baseball games are usually sunny--preferably sunny. Once we sat in the bleachers before the bleachers were so very cool. Our tickets were $5. That was a long time ago. Once CA caught a fly ball. Once CA ripped his coolest Levi's reaching for a fly ball. CA is rather laid-back, but plug him into baseball, or any sport, and his mind is a fighter jet plane. He's almost totally left-brained and processes much mechanically, but add a ball to the equation and his mind and reflexes are razor sharp and faster than a speeding bullet, or jet!

My dad loved the Cardinals. He loved and played baseball, but I do not remember him ever throwing a ball for me or suggesting catch. I was a girl and not worth the effort. He had 5 girls and never bothered. By the time he had a son he had almost forgotten his ball playing days. I remember going to Von Steuben Grade School for church team games. He played when I was small. He was Jake in high school and played baseball. His brothers were Jake, too, and they played baseball. Was he any good? He must have been, because if he wasn't good at something or got criticized, he always quit. I am sure of that.

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