Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have always loved the rain. I don't get tired of it. Maybe because I sunburn so easily? I don't remember rainy days when I was growing up; though I do remember snowy days. Funny. Those are imprinted on my memory maybe because of how much fun it was to be outside in the snow.

Anyway, I love the rain. I have never been afraid of thunder or lightening. The more the wind blows, the better I like it. Once I was in our playhouse in Bowen at grandpa and grandma's with my cousin. A tornado blew through and did some damage around town and out at the cemetery where my grandparents are now buried. It was exciting. Something to tell at show and tell about what I did this summer.

We no longer have to waste our energy on denial, because we now sense and see things for what they really are. We don't stand in the rain anymore and pretend it isn't raining.
Whitfield, again. (Isn't he great!)

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