Friday, September 26, 2008


There is a lovely Mississippi River town, Nauvoo, IL. Gas was very cheap for all my growing up years, so when we were in Bowen we took lots of Sunday afternoon rides in the car. Grandpa would sometimes drive over to Nauvoo and we would go to the park for a picnic, tour a museum or two, wade in the river, and once we road on the Addie Mae paddle-wheel boat.

When grandpa retired, they held his party at the Nauvoo Hotel. As classy as that part of the state got back then.

One Sunday afternoon as we headed home from our adventures--surely the trip included a cemetery visit or two as Grandma was fascinated. It was hot and Grandma was squirming in her seat. She was a large woman--impeccably dressed at all times. But, her bra was chafing... She reached around and inside, did a couple of quick turns, and slid it out the sleeve of her dress! I was shocked, appalled, and very impressed. Probably my first observance of a truly pragmatic decision.

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