Monday, September 8, 2008


And, from mid-November 1994.
  • find time to focus / center
  • don't do multiple things at once--just because I can doesn't mean I have to
  • stay out of wasteful, unproductive conversations
  • limit exposure to excessive negativity
  • don't spread petty frustrations
  • insist on exercise
  • prioritize personal devotional / growth
  • realistically evaluate home responsibilities--redistribute or revise
  • keep a tight hold on social commitments, excursions, even conversations that distract, confuse, and frustrate
  • pursue healthy, nurturing connections and relationships

"He is able more than able to accomplish what concerns me today...

If I could look through your eyes, I would see that I'm worthy...

I'm learnin' how to lean and depend on Jesus. He's my friend and He's my guide...

Little by little I've been learning to depend upon the Savior. I know He's gonna provide for my every need."

Willow Creek Community Church Ever Devoted CD (c) 1994, Rory Noland & Greg Ferguson

WOW! Such wisdom then and just as applicable now. A great reminder

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