Tuesday, September 9, 2008


In January 1995 I reflected on what changes I had made from 1994 and prior, I would never have remember all this if Í hadn't been blogging and looking through my recovery journal.
  • 10:00 - 10:30pm bedtime
  • walk AM and PM; 4 miles/day
  • cleaned up relationships
  • healthy prioritizing; knowing what's "deeply important
  • less hurried
  • back in college
  • keen awareness of personal goals
  • no longer shopping for entertainment
  • no more excessive sleeping
  • no dieting--awareness of healthy eating habits and exercise
  • realize the importance of "beauty & solitude" in my daily life
  • prioritizing times for personal grown--study and reading
  • managing family finances--trust myself with all the money because shopping is no longer entertainment, i.e. escape
  • keen awareness of important relationships to my life--the need for valuing and nurturing
  • long-term financial management goals set in place, with short-term disciplines
  • I don't give pieces of myself away indiscriminately
  • I no longer need to please everyone
  • realization that my job is not hard, but is worthy and fits my life right now
  • content with current house until college costs and empty nest motivate the change--and the choice will be a factor of the current finances and needs of that time
  • stepped-up savings and debt reduction to afford JE's college and also prepare for the next stage of our married life
  • not seeking to fill the empty places in my life with activity, travel, people, noise
  • awareness of separateness from parents lives and dysfunction
  • no longer feel the need to "fix" everything, i.e. control

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