Thursday, September 25, 2008


When I came back from errands today our neighbor had a very cute black pirate's chest, complete with skull and cross-bones, sitting on his saw horses on the driveway. Now, he intrigues us on several levels [more later].

I couldn't help myself, I rolled down my window and said "Great chest, what's if for?" He is making it for a friend's small son. Lucky boy. He told me that he used to make furniture all the time.

Seeing the pirate chest prompted me to remember the day Christopher Petruzzi found a pirate's chest filled with jewels behind my grandpa's carpenter's workshop. It was fantastic. Just too, too cool. I told Christopher that he'd better check with my grandpa because it was on his land. I had visions of claiming the prize... Grandpa later told me that Mr. Petruzzi set it up--asking grandpa ahead of time for permission to use the chest. Wonder how he even knew it was there? Maybe Christopher spotted in on a reconnaissance mission, reporting back to his dad.

Wasn't Bob Petruzzi just the best dad? He owned/worked in a night club so was around most days. Their yard was a playland, and if we were around we were always invited to play and to birthday parties.

I remember one of Christopher's birthday parties. They served the cake and ice cream and were busy filming the party. My ice cream was gonna melt, so I took a bite. One of the adults pointed at me and said, O, Look! How cute. That little girl started eating already. I was embarrassed.

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Chris Petruzzi said...

I found this website when I did a Google search on my own name. I remember finding the pirate's treasure chest behind your grandfather's shed. He had some other boxes or chests there, and I had told my parents that I thought that they were pirates' chests.
best regards,
Chris Petruzzi