Monday, August 25, 2008


In God We Trust

I don't clearly remember when I knew I could not trust my parents. There must have been some significant events. I guess when my mom went off to the hospital when I was 6 and 10 and... I need to ask my older sisters just how many times it happened. Many times she was just depressed or crazy at home.

And, my dad had the fight or flee thing down pat. For the first several years of my life he had just the one job and then he decided to branch out. I don't know why. There was a series of jobs--he would stay until he was so offended, mad, demeaned, or discouraged then he would quit without notice. He wasn't a fighter. I remember getting mail one day and there was a letter from DCFS. I was shocked. We were middle class. We weren't poor. We put up a good front. We went to an upper-class church and high school, but we were most probably lower-middle class. It's hard to know for sure because back then no one had or needed so much stuff.

There was the YFC leader in high school. I faithfully attended, babysat for his family, worked the phones, brought in the sinners... But, he concentrated all his attention on the football players, cheerleaders, student leaders. I felt demeaned.

Recovery means turning your difficulty with trusting into trusting appropriately. Share-Check-Share.

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