Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Recovery is not an all-or-none issue. Rather, it is an ongoing process that continues in the here and now, over a multiplicity of here and nows... Healing and integration are the opposite of the confusion and chaos of the past... We begin to identify our needs and search out ways to get them met in a healthy manner. And, we begin to practice being real by being our real self.
Healing the Child Within
Charles L. Whitfield

I have been in recovery for over 14 years now. I like me better now. I know that I will always struggle, but that in God's eyes, I am a "kid under construction." I can do that. I can continue to grow and to change with God's direction and help. I don't like criticism but when I get it, after a few moments, hours, days, weeks, I am able to process it and apply what is necessary and I do change. But, if it is unjustified, you will be hearing back from me!

The way out of our pain is through it.
Whitfield, again

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