Saturday, August 2, 2008


In 1994 I came unstuffed. I had a couple of experiences over a short period of time with dehydration and shot the blazes out of my electrolytes. The end result was that I asked a friend for a referral for a psychologist and won the big lottery. It wasn't that JF was so full of wisdom; mainly she just listened and nodded. I do remember during our first session as I told my stories of growing up, she said, "It was like two kids trying to raise kids and not really wanting to."

"Lottie told Elizabeth of the permanent silence that had fallen between her mother and herself, of the sense she'd had of being orphaned from very early on..."
For Love
by Sue Miller
To cover up the pain we use relatively unhealthy ego defenses which give us fewer possibilities and choices in our lives.
Healing the Child Within
Charles L. Whitfield

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